Monday, June 22, 2015

Jurassic World Movie

Our family watch the Jurassic World in the first day opening and it was nice. My son doesn't like it that much. He is 9 years old and this is his first time to see the movie about Dinosaurs. We didn't see the first part of the Jurassic Park and he seems scared to watch the movie. And I am so proud of him that he watch it anyway with us. He cover his eyes almost half of the movie but at the end he said he likes it. My 6 year old girl, she was okay with it. I ask her if how she does and she said, she's scared a little bit. She doesn't like to see the dinosaur eating human and she almost cried when she saw the other dinosaur got hurt and died. But at the end, she really enjoys it when the Mosasaurus take the bad dinosaur into the water and Blue the velociraptor help the good dinosaur to take the bad dinosaur down. It was pretty intense movie! But the end it was nice :-) 

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