Friday, July 17, 2015

she found a baby bird

While were our in the ministry, my little girl found this bird. It seems like a big baby bird, she doesn't know how to fly yet, she just bouncing around. My little girl try to make her feel that she is safe and that she won't hurt him and she got a chance to touch and pet her. That was such a nice morning. It makes her day and now she can't wait to see her new cinnamon pearl cockatiel pet. We will going to pick up her new bird that we bought for her this Sunday so that going to be so exciting for her.

Monday, July 13, 2015

nail art with friends

My little girl like to do all girly stuff just like doing nail art and when one of our friend Jessica came over, they got a chance to do nail art together. They really had fun and they are trying to do the mixing color in the water. I do it with her too and I let her choose whatever color she likes.

rainbow ducktape slipper

These are the two slippers I made for my little girl this week made out of a rainbow duck tape. I'm glad she likes it and she is happy to wear it all the time at home and showing it to her friends! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

hettich drawer slides

I was cleaning up our kitchen drawers yesterday and I was wondering why the other drawer seems not working. Something stocked in the drawer slide. So I was thinking maybe it just need a little oil to loosened the area or just need to take it out and replace a new one. Well, that drawer is not been used for couple years now since we moved here, its just additional space to put things, maybe old towels and other old kitchenwares. I like the idea of having a multiple stackable drawers in our kitchen for more additional space. Bigger drawer the better I guess, to put the big pans and pots. The hettich drawer slides will be a good idea. I saw couple of hettich drawer slides online for a very good price at and guess what? They also have the grand heavy duty drawer slides available. So if you are planning to do remodeling in your kitchen drawers and wanted to get some ideas on which drawer slides works the best then this website is the right place for you to visit!  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My kids drawing

Last weekend, we invited couple of friends in the house to play with my kids. That was after our gathering at the park with our fellow friends. Weather changes in the afternoon and we decided just to head back home but the kids insist they wanted to play more and invite their friends over. It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon so why not. Their friends can stay until 5 or 6pm, they still have two hours to spend to play. So it was nice that our friends let their kids play with my kids that afternoon in our house. I give them something to do while it was raining outside. I let them sit down and draw things they like and here's the drawing of my two kids. My 9 year old did pretty good in his racing car and my 6 year old been thinking about bird lately maybe that's why she draw love bird in the mountain. Sweet! They did pretty amazing! Love them both! 

Our guinea pigs

Its been 3 months since we bought our two guinea pig named Apollo and Glo-Berry. They are such an adorable guinea pigs. They grown a lot! Kids love them so much never forget to give them love and attention, lucky guinea pigs to have such a wonderful kids to taking care of them. I help the kids clean up their cage and so far, its easy to taking care of them. Couple more days we have another pet to add in the family and that is the cockatiel bird. Hope it wont be hard to taking care of the bird than the guinea pigs. My kids love animals so can't blame them because they are just like their daddy. Now we have 3 dogs, 2 english mastiff that are both 9 years old and 1 pitbull, she'll be 16 years old this year. She's a very old dog but she still doing good even though she's having hard time with her arthritis. We have 2 guinea pigs, more than 10 fishes and 1 bird :-) What a big family isn't it? hehe :D

Met our kids new pet!

Next couple days, we will have our new additional pet in our family. She is cinnamon pearl Cockateil. The yellow one in the picture. He/she needs to be weaned for couple days and she will be ready on 17th this month. We called her pearl or pearly. Can't wait to pick up pearly on 17th! We already got her a cage and food so we're ready to go, all we need is to wait couple days and pick her up and take her home with us :-)

duck tape bow headband

This is one of the duck tape art project I made for my little girl last night. She really loves it. It matches on her rainbow slipper and bracelet. Isn't this adorable? I might make her another one in different color. Glad we find this rainbow duck tape because she really like rainbow colors.  

She loose her second tooth!

She had her second loose tooth for awhile now and at last it came off two days ago! She is very sensitive about it because the last time she give a little push in her tooth, it was bleeding and she feel pain after so we wait a little few days before we give it a little wiggle again but then two days ago, she was brushing her tooth and when she touch her tooth it just fell itself. Now, she is very happy, she is a big girl now loosing her two baby tooth and she already have two adult tooth growing in it. She is making silly faces on her self everytime she look at herself in the mirror. She thinks she looks funny without tooth in the bottom front of her teeth. She still our little cutie sweetie pie :-D