Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our guinea pigs

Its been 3 months since we bought our two guinea pig named Apollo and Glo-Berry. They are such an adorable guinea pigs. They grown a lot! Kids love them so much never forget to give them love and attention, lucky guinea pigs to have such a wonderful kids to taking care of them. I help the kids clean up their cage and so far, its easy to taking care of them. Couple more days we have another pet to add in the family and that is the cockatiel bird. Hope it wont be hard to taking care of the bird than the guinea pigs. My kids love animals so can't blame them because they are just like their daddy. Now we have 3 dogs, 2 english mastiff that are both 9 years old and 1 pitbull, she'll be 16 years old this year. She's a very old dog but she still doing good even though she's having hard time with her arthritis. We have 2 guinea pigs, more than 10 fishes and 1 bird :-) What a big family isn't it? hehe :D

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