Friday, September 18, 2015

at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Pagosa Springs

After our 3 days convention in Aurora, the fun still didn't stop there. Instead of going back home, we stay another one night on Pueblo after our whole day fun at the zoo at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, this is our second time we come there and we still love it. We all love the way how they put everything together, the lift, all the animals and all the rides they have. The view are pretty amazing and the weather is really not bad that time. It was cloudy and it rains a little bit that's why we brought our umbrella in case and the kids really had a blast. It was such a great time to spend as a family and my kids really love animals. The highlight of all things is when we fed the giraffes, that was pretty cool to be able to get up close with those giraffes. They are such a pretty animals. 

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