Friday, September 18, 2015

best electronic drum set for beginners

I was very fascinated with instruments before when I was young but I never get a chance to play it because my family couldn't afford it. I just end up borrowing or do it at my friends house but I never had a chance to sit down and learn it. I try the guitar before but it ends up didn't work, so I started the piano but end up lost interest. It gets complicated but now my kids started to do the same. One time when we went to visit my mother in law in Michigan, my brother in law showed us his set of drums, my kids was really amazed how loud it played. So my son get a chance to play it and I ask him if he wants to learn how to play drum because I saw it online the best electronic drum set for beginners and I thought this one will be good for him. But he is still thinking about it and he said, he is not sure if he really wants to play drums or any kind of instruments, he is happy now for being fascinated with science and physics. So will see, it might change in no time when he grows up.

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