Friday, October 9, 2015

Novation new

While I was browsing instruments at guitar center, I bumped to this Novation New Circuit Groove. It looks similar as the one I saw when me and couple of my friends visit another musician friend. That was before way back when I was in my home town. It was pretty neat! When I noticed it, I ask him what is that for and he said, he is working with a new music and he made it from scratch out in his laptop and its pretty cool. You know when you are a musician, you can do anything when it comes to music. They can easily create music with such tools and he is a pretty amazing artist. We love to hear him sing and play his instruments, his pretty talented! So if you are looking for a Novation new online, stop by at guitar center, there you find a great deal for all their Novation Circuit Groove Box.

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