Sunday, November 8, 2015

Caleb and Sofia in our family worship project

These are the photos of the kids with their favorite characters in kids videos Caleb and Sofia. We made them out of cardboard last Saturday during our family worship and while were doing it, we're listening kingdom melody songs. That was such a peaceful and joyful time we did that night. The bottom picture was Liana, she's one of my kids friends that come over yesterday and she really like the Caleb and Sofia character we made and she wanted me to take a photos of her and send it to her mom to see. That was such an awesome day! 


MSuarez said...

This is great. Beautiful and happy family worshipping Jehovah together. Family worship has been one of the best gifts we've received, on top of Caleb and Sophia. We are planning a Caleb and Sophia party for the young ones in our hall. I love the life size cutouts of Caleb and Sophia you've created. Can you tell me how you made yours? I can't draw, but was hoping to enlarge them, glue to cardboard and cut, but the images/pixels are coming out blurry when I try to enlarge them. Any suggestions? You did a great job with yours. May Jehovah keep blessing you and your family. Margie

Lindi said...

Hello there it was so great to find your blog my name is lindi and I am sister from south africa, My hsband and I have 2 children boys age 9 and 2 years old. I love this idea and will be using it with the boys

take care

Femikey said...

@lindi --- hi lindi, nice to meet you and your family. I'm glad you find this post interesting. Yes my kids is 10 and the youngest will turn 7 this feb. 26th. Its nice to meet a sister like you. We are from Colorado :-) and thanks for stopping by.

Femikey said...

@MSuarez --- nice to met you here sister MSuarez. Yes, my family is very appreciated with the Caleb and Sophia videos. My kids love them. Yes I draw it myself as my kids request when we had our family worship. We got an old long cardboard when we bought the divider in our living room. So we end up making Caleb and Sophia character out of it. I look up online some ideas and just draw and cut it myself and I also help the kids color it. Thanks for stopping by and you too may Jehovah bless your family as well. Thanks!