Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cold season...

Today is the cold season where everybody get sick and have flu. My son got a flu since last week. He is still recovering, he looks a lot better now than couple days ago. He started having dizziness and headache, then he got diarrhea for couple of days, then he got a fever of 100.4 to 100.9, its not so bad though and he is not miserable at night, he sleep good even though he woke up couple times at night to use the bathroom. Now, he said his tongue is sore so we check it and he has 3 canker sore in both side of his tongue and also in the front. Feel bad for him, hope he gets well pretty soon, he is still struggling with his cold. I give him massage every night, put ice pack in his head to keep her cool off. Give him cold water for him to drink when he gets thirsty. We keep pumping him with vitamins and green juice and also probiotics and iodine. So hope he gets well and back to his health before school starts. So will see, we just need to keep an eye on him and if its get worst, we need to take him to the doctor. 

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