Sunday, December 20, 2015

dana's market day

I'm so glad that my daughter's teacher decided to do a market day instead of having a christmas party. The kids will learn how to do a marketing and how they can use their money wisely. The teacher told them to bring any handmade crafts and snacks to bring on the market day and sell it using their pirate bucks at school. So my daughter and I decided to make a rice krispies treats and a handmade bracelet for their marketing day and guess what? She sold everything! She sell it for 3 pirate bucks for the rice krispies and 5 pirate bucks for the bracelet and all her classmates love it. Some of the kids made an amazing crafts too like the one in the picture above, one of her classmates made a message notes, magnets, something they can hang in their christmas tree and more snacks. Kids having fun and I'm glad I got a chance to volunteer to help out that time. 

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