Friday, November 18, 2016

Winter baby hat and scarf...

Winter is coming and of course I need to get my kids warm clothing including winter jackets, boots, scarves, hats and gloves. They  grow up so fast that they outgrow already their winter clothing from last year! I remember when they are still an infant. I always buy a very cute hats and scarves for them and they always get compliments with our family and friends. Next week, we need to shop new winter clothing and getting ready for this winter! I would love to get crochet winter hats and scarves for my kids. So will see...

Winter Scarves...

Winter is coming, so if you are looking for a winter scarves, you might like to try this fashion wool winter scarf for women. The material is made of cotton and wool. Its very comfy to wear this winter. It will keep you warm and at the same time you will get a lot of compliments. So if you are looking for scarves this winter, why not visit feszoneboutiqueshop. You might find the scarves you need on this cold weather! 

Blow the Sprinkler...

It is time of the year, we're we need to blow our sprinkler. That's what we did this afternoon, it doesn't take that long but at least the sprinkler is done for this year. We don't need to worry about the sprinkler this winter. Good thing my husband show me how to do it and its so funny because our dog was very curious about it. They try to dig the ground everytime the water came out because we blow air in it. But I'm glad we did it today because its starting to get cold at night now and actually dogs water from outside frost last night. And I am not looking forward for winter! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wooden Watch...

I been fascinated with a wooden watch lately. I thought it was very cool. Its very fashionable I guess. There's tons of wooden watch available online and I think this is one of a great gift you can give to your mate. This coming December, my husband and I will celebrated our 11th year anniversary and I thought of buying her a wooden watch like the one I found at feszoneboutiqueshop. So if you are looking for a wooden watch, wooden cellphone case, you might like to visit feszoneboutiqueshop. You might find the one that you are looking for! 


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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

guitar shop online

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Busy week...

Its been a while since my last post. It was such a busy week because the kids are homeschooling and I need to be there with them. Not enough time to do my blogging anymore! but I will still try hard to write a post here and then. This week so busy doing homeschool for the kids, then we are going to start our little business then taking care of the dogs also adds to that. But thankfully I came back again to write a post. Thanks to all people who keep coming back and read my post daily. Hope you guys had a great day!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kids love our puppies...

Its been 4 days since we pick up our new little puppy. She is 8 weeks old Female English Mastiff. My husband and brother in law pick her up at Kansas. We didn't think of a name for her yet. So far we called her Princess, Peebles, Willow and even Pouches. My husband thought Princess will be good for her since she really looks like Princess (our 10 year old English Mastiff) that passed away last month. It was such a sad moment for us but we need to move on and continue showing our love to our new pets. We have 2 new dogs now, the first one we got is an Anatolian Shepherd that we got from Oklahoma. Its a long way drive but its worth the drive. Can't wait to see them grow together and become a new buddies. 

Volca beats drum machine

I love to hear when one of our friends play the band every festival we had here in the Valley. My close friend has a son and grand son who plays a band. I like their music, they play pretty good. They are very popular here in the Valley. They take turns to play guitar, piano and drums. Pretty amazing isn't it? Anyway last time they had to play at the Gazebo and they seems doesn't like the tune of their instruments. But you can't even tell if they have problem or not. People love when they play music. Anyway, talking about drum machine, I saw this volca beats drum machine at musicians friend and they have 4 star reviews and the price is $159.99. The peerless beats of this drum machine generated by solid analog drum sounds and an electribe-style sequencer. To find out more about this volca beats drum machine, please visit musicians 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Goodbye to our 17 years old Pitbull - Cocao

Here's a memorial video of our beloved dog name COCOA, she's been with us for 17 years and she is the best dog that we could ever have. But we need to let her go because she is old and she is having hard time walking because her heart is swollen. We love her a lot and will always remember her through this video. Enjoy! 

Playing music with friends...

It was such a nice gathering last couple weeks, we are invited for a graduation party and then after couple days at weekends, we had another gathering where we need to bring food and just play music with friends! One time one of our friends talking about folk and traditional stringed instruments and one said about F-Style Mandolins and I don't have any idea what Mandolins are and what they look like and they said, its look like an acoustic guitar but its more traditional. So I ask my husband and he told me to look at my phone and see what Mandolins are so that's what I do and here I found this website at mandolin musicians friend and yes, they really look like a guitar. I never thought about that so I guess one of them played this type of instruments before. So if you are planning to buy Mandolins, look no further, just go to musicians friends and you will see what you are looking for!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Diana Ross Playground at the Central Park, New York

Kids got a chance to play for a while at Diana Ross Playground here at the Central Park. Its a nice playground! My kids love the swing and she met some new friends!

Velvedere Castle, Central Park NY

What can I say? Velvedere Castle is truly a nice place to hangout. Just the view is amazing. Velvedere Castle is very popular at Central Park. I saw a lot of couple come here and take pictures. There's a newlywed too that doing a photo shot here. Pretty interesting place. 

Big Rocks at the Central Park, New York!

After a long walk to see the American Museum of Natural History, we end up going to the Central Park! More walking and sight seeing! The kids love it though. They look tired and exhausted but they had fun climbing all those big rocks! The view is really nice, very green and you can really smell the fresh air. Very nice Park, lot of people walking and riding a bike. We are going to see the Velvedere Castle!

Theodore Roosevelt at American Museum of Natural History

Here some of our pictures with Theodore Roosevelt on it. I thought Theodore Roosevelt is riding a horse but it seems not! He is sitting in the front of the lobby at the first floor or maybe lower level? It takes us a while to see his statue but we end up at the lower level lobby when we are ready to head out at the Central Park. :-)

Beautiful little girl...

Love this picture a lot. She is such a pretty little girl! She just love to smell all the flowers. So i thought I could take a picture of her and it turn out pretty good! The flower matches in her dress! She will be look good as a model. Do you think? Well, this photo taken when we went to New York last May at the Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson New York.

Exhausted and tired at Patterson Bethel...

This is what the kids did after our tour at the Watchtower Education at Patterson Bethel New York. They didn't sleep enough that night because Dana got an ear infection from the plane flight but she did pretty good after! So cute isn't it? :-) Love this kids!

Kids after the MET Tour

Look who's tired? All the kids seems tired after the tour. They are all excited and try to find place to sit down. It was a really nice tour though. We learn a lot and kids got all their part! Thanks to brother Chris! He knows how to entertain this kids!

Friday, May 20, 2016

New York Hats for souvenirs!

I got Dana and myself a New York hat for souvenirs. Something to keep and remember our memorable trip in New York. Love it!

Dana's drawing of New York...

Look at what my 7 year old daughter made today. She draw Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower. She did pretty good! She's a very good drawer! Good job sweetie pie!

Dana with Caleb and Sofia at Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson

This is Dana, she is so happy to see Caleb and Sofia when we went at Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson New York. What a nice tour at Patterson and I also met couple Filipino sisters from Italy. 

Our New York Trip...

Such a nice one week vacation at New York together with our fellow brothers and sisters. It adds fun and excitement when you are in a big group. I thought it would be hard for everyone but it turned out to be just right. Everyone get along well, happy and excited. The kids are so happy because we are traveling with a family that have kids too. Their kids are good friends of our kids and they really had a great time. We went May 11 and came back May 19. It was a fun trip. We did a lot of things in New York, visiting 4 Bethel in New York is the highlight of our trip and to get a chance to be at the Met tour about "the woman and her offspring". It was a very encouraging tour for all of us. So I will keep you posted on my next post about our trip!

tronical tune

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Glad to be back home!

Its nice to be back home! It was such a nice trip when we went to New York for a week vacation with our fellow brothers and sisters in our congregation. We have 19 group of people went to New York. We see the Met, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Freedom Tower, Watchtower in Brooklyn, Wallkill Bethel, the Support Services of Warwich Bethel in Tuxedo, Chinatown, Little Italy and Patterson Bethel. It was such an encouraging trip, it encourage us spiritually especially the tour we had at MET Museum, we had "the Woman and his offspring" tour from the Oasis. It was really nice. Hope we can do "The Integrity tour" next time when we visit New York again. The traffic in New York is really bad but it didn't ruin our trip. Now we are back to where we are and this trip will be the most memorable one. :-)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Her little pink dragon name Darla

She got a new pink toy that matches her dress! She named her Darla! She got it from Claires. It is very adorable like her. She bring it everywhere and she showed it to all her friends. Such a cutie! 

Chemical Burns due to Pool Chlorine Exposure

Its our last day staying in the hotel at Hampton Inn Hotel at Pueblo after our trip to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo last Monday. After dinner we decided to take the kids to the pool and just have fun. That enjoyment didn't last that long because my daughter, she's 7 years old, she had bad reaction to their pool cause of too much chlorine on the hot tub. She's having great time at first then suddenly she complain that her skin are itchy and she feels her skin is burning. So we took her out right away out in the pool, rinse her and took her to our room and put her on the tub for a cool bath. She started crying and shaking so we end up taking her to the Emergency Room at Park View Medical Center. Her back, arms and legs are all red. The nurse just give her a ice pack to cool her skin off. Then they give her ibuprofen or some kind of pain killer. It helps a little bit and she was really tired that night. Exhaustion cause her to sleep. We got back from our hotel around almost midnight. We stop by at City Market to get her some aloe vera gel and mist to help her skin. She keeps waking up at night, toss and turns but she sleep okay after. I just keep giving her that aloe gel and seems like it helps a lot. I'm glad its not really critical but as a parent, its scares us. We didn't expect this to happen and hopefully all the Hotels that has pool or even the recreation area or everywhere that has a swimmig pool, need to check the chlorine level that way it won't happen to other people or young kids like ours.

Swimming is fun and that's what we always looking forward especially when we go for a trip. My kids love swimming and its part of our travel plans. I read the news lately and they have the same problem too with their kids while swimming at the pool. They have chemical burns, bad reaction, rashes and itchiness after swimming. So really the excess chlorine is really the cause of all these bad reactions on the skin. So next time we just need to be careful and hopefully it wont happen again.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

a drawing of her toy beauty spots...

This is what she did last night. She made a drawing of her new toy named beauty spots. Its a big cheetah stuffed toy. Its big as her :-) and she did pretty good! She write "I Love You!" in her drawing. Isn't that sweet? She also add her favorite unicorn magnet  next to it. She put on our fridge that way our friends and everyone can see it. Sweet!....

Dana's new toy!

Dana's got a new wild toy, its her cheetah, she named her (beauty spots) but I called it (panther). We bought it yesterday at the moving sale, its a pretty good deal because we only pay $2 with this beautiful cheetah. Its clean and no tear and that all that matters to me when I buy used toy with my kids, make sure its not worn out or looks dirty. Actually she had two choices, the blue giraffe and this cheetah and they are the same size, but she said she'll do a mini mini mo to choose which one she prefer the best and then she decided to get this one and now she is very happy, she sleep with it and she carry it everywhere at the house. She don't usually get attached to much with a toy but this one is different. I'm glad she really like it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Very cute!

My niece said that Dana seems grown up a lot. She looks taller in this photo. Isn't she cutie pie? She loves her heels! She walk like a lady too when she's wearing her first pair of shoes with heels. I love this little girl and I'm a proud mommy. Hope she stays the same! Why they grow up so fast! She just turn 7 last month February. She will be in second grade next fall! I still remember when she was a baby! Love this girl a bunch!

Matching Flowery Skirt

This is my daughter Dana and her friend Jordyn. They almost match with their outfit today at the meeting. They both wearing heels, flowery skirt, pink under shirt and they both wearing cover up vest, the difference is that dana wearing white and jordyn wearing black. But Dana love Jordyn! She look up to her and she give her a lot of hugs and kisses. She's a really great sister and her Grandma and my bestfriend here in the Valley. She's like a mother to me. :-)

Dana's first pair of shoes with heels...

We took the kids out to the Payless shoe store and buy theme shoes and guess what my little girl found? A sandal with a heel! So this is her first pair of shoes with heels. She did pretty good walking in it and she like to pose around and show off to everybody. She thinks she's already a big girl. She is so adorable when she does that. It cracks me up when she start posing her self and wanted me to take a photo of her. I bought her two dress shoes, one with the heels and the other one is flat in case she get tired of walking with that heels. So will see....

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A dragon drawing from a 6 year old girl...

Here's the dragon drawing that my 6 year old daughter made. I was very surprise because when she woke up this morning, she went to the printer and grab some bond paper and start drawing. Here what she draw this morning. She said its an "Ice Fire Dragon", that's what she called it. She did pretty good! She put color to it and she showed it to me. She also put her name at the bottom and then she ask me to make her a crepes for breakfast this morning and after that she also ask if she can play speakaboos online. I am not sure if she is dreaming or what? I guess she dream a dragon last night and when she woke up, the first thing she does is to draw it. Pretty amazing isn't it? She's a good drawer for a 6 year old kid!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cat stuffed toy made of old tights

Here's the new project that me and my kids made. We used my daughter old tights. I saw the idea at Pinterest on how to make a stuffed toy using old socks or tights and this is what we came up with! It turns out very cute! They both love it, they name it "Moon Tail" and "Flop Ball". So adorable!

Dustin's new haircut...

From a long wavy curl to a clean cut! We love Dustin's new haircut! We love his curly hair but this time, we decided to take him to the Saloon to get a new haircut. A little bit more shorter this time. He was laughing because he feel weird after when its done. He is not used to have a short hair, its been awhile since he got a short haircut. Usually he only get a trim all the time because we don't want to let go his curly hair. He wanted to join in the theocratic ministry school so he need to have a nice haircut to be look more presentable and more good looking of course. He love his new haircut now and he can't wait to join in the theocratic ministry school this week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Good reader...

My 6 year old daughter is doing a really great job in her reading. Usually she let me read her a book every night and sometimes she likes to read half of it and I do the half but this past couple weeks, she started reading her book  by herself and she did pretty good! We are very amazed how good she reads, she already know how to read big words. She is one of the advanced reader in her class and we are so proud of her. Reading every night before she go to bed really helps a lot and both of my kids loves to read! My 10 year old son is also an advanced reader to his class and he even got nominated at their school to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum in Denver this April. My husband and I are thinking about it but we are still not sure if we can make it that time because of my husband work schedule and also the finance. So will see, maybe he will attend next time if he is given a chance but so far as a parents, we both proud to our kids. They did a good job at school and they did their best and that's all that matters to us. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Denim Cat for my little girl

This is the new stuffed toy I made for my little girl made out of an old jeans. One of our scrap jeans project for the day. I'm glad she likes it, she draw the cat first and showed it to me and I did try my best to make it look the same. She's happy for the outcome and now she is loving it!

She love her new skirt!

I feel bad if I throw or give this pants away. This pants is size 4 and it still in good condition, my 6 year old daughter still can fit on it on the waist but it looks short already so what I did was I cut it out and made it into a skirt. There she is! She loves to wear it! Looks good on her!

Handmade stuffed toy - 3 Turtles

When I made one for my son, Dana also request that she wants one and then Dustin said that we could make one also for Renee their bestfriend. So here it is, I made the same for the girls, they choose to use the leopard print for the shell. Now they are more happier, they play together :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Stuffed Toy Turtle made out of scrap jeans...

Here's the one that I made for my son. He said he likes a turtle instead of whale so here it is! Isn't that adorable? It's better than to buy a new stuff toy at the store. He likes it a lot and he always bring it everywhere and he cuddle the turtle at night when he sleep. Sweet! Love my kiddos!

A Whale stuffed toy made out of a scrap jeans...

I got a lot of scrap jeans that the kids don't use. They either not fit anymore or got some tear in a knee area so instead of throwing it away or give it away, I decided to make something out of it. So I look up online and went to Pinterest and I saw this scrap jeans project ideas and so I give it a try and it turns out pretty nice, my daughter really love it, She always bring it everywhere and she name her "Blue Buble". My son wanted a turtle out of a scrap jeans so that will going to be my next scrap jeans project.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Dana in a castle...

She's getting ready for her dental appointment, waiting for daddy to get done then she will be the next, then dustin and then me. Its our family dental appointment for this year 2016. While waiting for daddy, she had fun playing at their kids play area where they had this little castle. She ask me to take a photo of her and it turns out really good. She is like a little princess in her castle waiting for her prince daddy.  Love this photo (smile)...

Renee's Sleep over...

Kids are very happy that their friend Renee was staying for us for the night. Her parents went to Pueblo for a personal reasons and she is very excited to have sleep over with the kids. I help them to make a tent, I  just tied the blanket and make them a really comfortable place to sleep for the night. They sleep at the playroom and they had a lot of fun! Look at them! they are all busy playing their games in their tablet. It looks a very comfy sleep over :-)

her long hair...

She doesn't that have much hair when she was a baby but when she was a year old, we called her a "little pebbles" because she only have little hair on top and it standing up when i put a ponytail. Isn't she is a cutie on this photo? and now she will be 7 years old next month on February and her hair is really growing long. I trimmed it once in a while and she likes it the way it is, she likes her long hair :-)

personalized military rings

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Her 4th loose tooth...

Here's my little snuggle tooth. She loose her 2nd upper tooth yesterday night. It just came off when she was eating Pizza. It was already loose but she's kind a scared to pull it out. Now, she is happy because she doesn't need to worry about her loose tooth. She said "im a big girl now!". She will turn 7 this coming 26th of February. Kids grown so fast! I miss the time when she was a baby ;-)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Our snow castle...

This is the new snow castle that me and my little girl Dana made last week. We use a small plastic bucket to create a tower, it turns out pretty nice! My hands was really freezing after we did that. We did a good job! Hope no ones will knock it over :-)