Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Dana in a castle...

She's getting ready for her dental appointment, waiting for daddy to get done then she will be the next, then dustin and then me. Its our family dental appointment for this year 2016. While waiting for daddy, she had fun playing at their kids play area where they had this little castle. She ask me to take a photo of her and it turns out really good. She is like a little princess in her castle waiting for her prince daddy.  Love this photo (smile)...

Renee's Sleep over...

Kids are very happy that their friend Renee was staying for us for the night. Her parents went to Pueblo for a personal reasons and she is very excited to have sleep over with the kids. I help them to make a tent, I  just tied the blanket and make them a really comfortable place to sleep for the night. They sleep at the playroom and they had a lot of fun! Look at them! they are all busy playing their games in their tablet. It looks a very comfy sleep over :-)

her long hair...

She doesn't that have much hair when she was a baby but when she was a year old, we called her a "little pebbles" because she only have little hair on top and it standing up when i put a ponytail. Isn't she is a cutie on this photo? and now she will be 7 years old next month on February and her hair is really growing long. I trimmed it once in a while and she likes it the way it is, she likes her long hair :-)

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Her 4th loose tooth...

Here's my little snuggle tooth. She loose her 2nd upper tooth yesterday night. It just came off when she was eating Pizza. It was already loose but she's kind a scared to pull it out. Now, she is happy because she doesn't need to worry about her loose tooth. She said "im a big girl now!". She will turn 7 this coming 26th of February. Kids grown so fast! I miss the time when she was a baby ;-)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Our snow castle...

This is the new snow castle that me and my little girl Dana made last week. We use a small plastic bucket to create a tower, it turns out pretty nice! My hands was really freezing after we did that. We did a good job! Hope no ones will knock it over :-)

Family sledding time at Beaver Creek

This is our first time to go at Beaver Creek, we hear that they have a really good sledding area up there, so we took a ride there and see the area and since nobody was there, we get a chance to go sledding. We stay for about 2 hours and we had dinner at Ramon's Mexican Restaurant in South Fork, so it was nice. It's another way to spend time as a family :-)

My little giraffe...

We order this giraffe pajama online on Amazon and when it came, she put it on right away and she play with her giraffe toys. She also wanted me to get her a giraffe earrings since she got a giraffe necklace already, the one we got from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. She's our little giraffe girl, she is into giraffe stuff now from toys, books, jewelries and even in her clothing :-) So cute...

Playing time in the cold

We got couple inches of snow couple weeks ago and the kids was so excited to play. It's way too cold for me but I stay for a while anyway. I took a photo of them and Dana wanted me to bury her with a snow and on the second photo is when she got up, pretty cool huh? Dustin build a little castle out of a cup and create like a circle thing on it, it was nice though. :-)

Dana with her friends at school...

This photo taken after the Christmas break. It's back to school and my little girl was so excited to see her friends again. It's been two weeks and I'm happy that she loves school and she enjoy being with her teacher and classmates. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back to school after Christmas break

The kids have two weeks break for the month of December. It supposed to be a good one but one of my kids got sick that time. Stomach bug is around the valley and my kids had it. First my daughter got a fever about 100.6, its not so bad, she had it for a day and she got well after 2 days then after that my son got a fever 100.9, he got the dizziness and diarrhea. Good thing he didn't throw up and we stayed the house for the whole week, then he got better after couple days then the fever came back after. It was a mess but he did pretty good. He don't look miserable and what we do is just keep giving him a lot of liquid like water and soup, then more green juice, vitamins and probiotics and he got well! Good thing its back to school now and he is well so it work out good. :-)

He just turn 10!

Dustin when he was 22 months old

He is 10 years old now!

Can't believe how fast my son grew. I still remember when he was a baby and now he is in 4th Grade and he just turn 10 years old on January the 2nd. He is growing very handsome and smart. We're very proud of him! He is such a good brother and such a good young man.