Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Back to school after Christmas break

The kids have two weeks break for the month of December. It supposed to be a good one but one of my kids got sick that time. Stomach bug is around the valley and my kids had it. First my daughter got a fever about 100.6, its not so bad, she had it for a day and she got well after 2 days then after that my son got a fever 100.9, he got the dizziness and diarrhea. Good thing he didn't throw up and we stayed the house for the whole week, then he got better after couple days then the fever came back after. It was a mess but he did pretty good. He don't look miserable and what we do is just keep giving him a lot of liquid like water and soup, then more green juice, vitamins and probiotics and he got well! Good thing its back to school now and he is well so it work out good. :-)

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