Thursday, February 25, 2016

A dragon drawing from a 6 year old girl...

Here's the dragon drawing that my 6 year old daughter made. I was very surprise because when she woke up this morning, she went to the printer and grab some bond paper and start drawing. Here what she draw this morning. She said its an "Ice Fire Dragon", that's what she called it. She did pretty good! She put color to it and she showed it to me. She also put her name at the bottom and then she ask me to make her a crepes for breakfast this morning and after that she also ask if she can play speakaboos online. I am not sure if she is dreaming or what? I guess she dream a dragon last night and when she woke up, the first thing she does is to draw it. Pretty amazing isn't it? She's a good drawer for a 6 year old kid!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cat stuffed toy made of old tights

Here's the new project that me and my kids made. We used my daughter old tights. I saw the idea at Pinterest on how to make a stuffed toy using old socks or tights and this is what we came up with! It turns out very cute! They both love it, they name it "Moon Tail" and "Flop Ball". So adorable!

Dustin's new haircut...

From a long wavy curl to a clean cut! We love Dustin's new haircut! We love his curly hair but this time, we decided to take him to the Saloon to get a new haircut. A little bit more shorter this time. He was laughing because he feel weird after when its done. He is not used to have a short hair, its been awhile since he got a short haircut. Usually he only get a trim all the time because we don't want to let go his curly hair. He wanted to join in the theocratic ministry school so he need to have a nice haircut to be look more presentable and more good looking of course. He love his new haircut now and he can't wait to join in the theocratic ministry school this week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Good reader...

My 6 year old daughter is doing a really great job in her reading. Usually she let me read her a book every night and sometimes she likes to read half of it and I do the half but this past couple weeks, she started reading her book  by herself and she did pretty good! We are very amazed how good she reads, she already know how to read big words. She is one of the advanced reader in her class and we are so proud of her. Reading every night before she go to bed really helps a lot and both of my kids loves to read! My 10 year old son is also an advanced reader to his class and he even got nominated at their school to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum in Denver this April. My husband and I are thinking about it but we are still not sure if we can make it that time because of my husband work schedule and also the finance. So will see, maybe he will attend next time if he is given a chance but so far as a parents, we both proud to our kids. They did a good job at school and they did their best and that's all that matters to us. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

Denim Cat for my little girl

This is the new stuffed toy I made for my little girl made out of an old jeans. One of our scrap jeans project for the day. I'm glad she likes it, she draw the cat first and showed it to me and I did try my best to make it look the same. She's happy for the outcome and now she is loving it!

She love her new skirt!

I feel bad if I throw or give this pants away. This pants is size 4 and it still in good condition, my 6 year old daughter still can fit on it on the waist but it looks short already so what I did was I cut it out and made it into a skirt. There she is! She loves to wear it! Looks good on her!

Handmade stuffed toy - 3 Turtles

When I made one for my son, Dana also request that she wants one and then Dustin said that we could make one also for Renee their bestfriend. So here it is, I made the same for the girls, they choose to use the leopard print for the shell. Now they are more happier, they play together :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Stuffed Toy Turtle made out of scrap jeans...

Here's the one that I made for my son. He said he likes a turtle instead of whale so here it is! Isn't that adorable? It's better than to buy a new stuff toy at the store. He likes it a lot and he always bring it everywhere and he cuddle the turtle at night when he sleep. Sweet! Love my kiddos!

A Whale stuffed toy made out of a scrap jeans...

I got a lot of scrap jeans that the kids don't use. They either not fit anymore or got some tear in a knee area so instead of throwing it away or give it away, I decided to make something out of it. So I look up online and went to Pinterest and I saw this scrap jeans project ideas and so I give it a try and it turns out pretty nice, my daughter really love it, She always bring it everywhere and she name her "Blue Buble". My son wanted a turtle out of a scrap jeans so that will going to be my next scrap jeans project.