Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dana's new toy!

Dana's got a new wild toy, its her cheetah, she named her (beauty spots) but I called it (panther). We bought it yesterday at the moving sale, its a pretty good deal because we only pay $2 with this beautiful cheetah. Its clean and no tear and that all that matters to me when I buy used toy with my kids, make sure its not worn out or looks dirty. Actually she had two choices, the blue giraffe and this cheetah and they are the same size, but she said she'll do a mini mini mo to choose which one she prefer the best and then she decided to get this one and now she is very happy, she sleep with it and she carry it everywhere at the house. She don't usually get attached to much with a toy but this one is different. I'm glad she really like it.

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