Friday, May 20, 2016

New York Hats for souvenirs!

I got Dana and myself a New York hat for souvenirs. Something to keep and remember our memorable trip in New York. Love it!

Dana's drawing of New York...

Look at what my 7 year old daughter made today. She draw Statue of Liberty and the Freedom Tower. She did pretty good! She's a very good drawer! Good job sweetie pie!

Dana with Caleb and Sofia at Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson

This is Dana, she is so happy to see Caleb and Sofia when we went at Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson New York. What a nice tour at Patterson and I also met couple Filipino sisters from Italy. 

Our New York Trip...

Such a nice one week vacation at New York together with our fellow brothers and sisters. It adds fun and excitement when you are in a big group. I thought it would be hard for everyone but it turned out to be just right. Everyone get along well, happy and excited. The kids are so happy because we are traveling with a family that have kids too. Their kids are good friends of our kids and they really had a great time. We went May 11 and came back May 19. It was a fun trip. We did a lot of things in New York, visiting 4 Bethel in New York is the highlight of our trip and to get a chance to be at the Met tour about "the woman and her offspring". It was a very encouraging tour for all of us. So I will keep you posted on my next post about our trip!

tronical tune

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Glad to be back home!

Its nice to be back home! It was such a nice trip when we went to New York for a week vacation with our fellow brothers and sisters in our congregation. We have 19 group of people went to New York. We see the Met, American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Freedom Tower, Watchtower in Brooklyn, Wallkill Bethel, the Support Services of Warwich Bethel in Tuxedo, Chinatown, Little Italy and Patterson Bethel. It was such an encouraging trip, it encourage us spiritually especially the tour we had at MET Museum, we had "the Woman and his offspring" tour from the Oasis. It was really nice. Hope we can do "The Integrity tour" next time when we visit New York again. The traffic in New York is really bad but it didn't ruin our trip. Now we are back to where we are and this trip will be the most memorable one. :-)