Sunday, July 10, 2016

Playing music with friends...

It was such a nice gathering last couple weeks, we are invited for a graduation party and then after couple days at weekends, we had another gathering where we need to bring food and just play music with friends! One time one of our friends talking about folk and traditional stringed instruments and one said about F-Style Mandolins and I don't have any idea what Mandolins are and what they look like and they said, its look like an acoustic guitar but its more traditional. So I ask my husband and he told me to look at my phone and see what Mandolins are so that's what I do and here I found this website at mandolin musicians friend and yes, they really look like a guitar. I never thought about that so I guess one of them played this type of instruments before. So if you are planning to buy Mandolins, look no further, just go to musicians friends and you will see what you are looking for!

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