Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kids love our puppies...

Its been 4 days since we pick up our new little puppy. She is 8 weeks old Female English Mastiff. My husband and brother in law pick her up at Kansas. We didn't think of a name for her yet. So far we called her Princess, Peebles, Willow and even Pouches. My husband thought Princess will be good for her since she really looks like Princess (our 10 year old English Mastiff) that passed away last month. It was such a sad moment for us but we need to move on and continue showing our love to our new pets. We have 2 new dogs now, the first one we got is an Anatolian Shepherd that we got from Oklahoma. Its a long way drive but its worth the drive. Can't wait to see them grow together and become a new buddies. 

Volca beats drum machine

I love to hear when one of our friends play the band every festival we had here in the Valley. My close friend has a son and grand son who plays a band. I like their music, they play pretty good. They are very popular here in the Valley. They take turns to play guitar, piano and drums. Pretty amazing isn't it? Anyway last time they had to play at the Gazebo and they seems doesn't like the tune of their instruments. But you can't even tell if they have problem or not. People love when they play music. Anyway, talking about drum machine, I saw this volca beats drum machine at musicians friend and they have 4 star reviews and the price is $159.99. The peerless beats of this drum machine generated by solid analog drum sounds and an electribe-style sequencer. To find out more about this volca beats drum machine, please visit musicians