Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Feszoneboutiqueshop is now Closed!

The reason why I close my feszoneboutiqueshop is because, I don't have enough sales and I don't have enough time to keep advertising it. It's nice to give it a try though. I open it for about more than 3 months and see what happen. I have couple sales but its not enough to pay the subscription fee on shopify. I also spend more for advertisement but so far not happy with the sales. I  bet it happens to all newbie who open their own shopify store. But guess what? it didn't stop me to keep selling though. I still have my poshmark, etsy and mercari(sfemikey), eBay(fs_2007), and of course my husband and I are running FBA business(tech.intl). So far it went really good and we see ours sales keep going. So hope to have great sales for this year 2017! 

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