Wednesday, March 8, 2017

4 string banjo

This past few weeks, my daughter always says that she want's to play banjo. I still don't get it because I never heard banjo before. She said, she play banjo at the school and she wanted to learn it. So, I ask my husband what is banjo and he said it looks like a guitar but its round and the handle is long and it has different sounds than the guitar. Because of curiosity I look it up online and now I know what banjo looks like. While I'm browsing online I bumped to this website at "The Hub", then they have an article about 4 string banjo, banjo: how to choose. Its kind a very interesting article. They have all the answers for this questions: banjo playing techniques, how much should i figure on paying, the history of banjo and so on. But the one caught my attention is the modern banjo types, the 4 string, 5 string, 6 string and the hybrid banjos. So I thought, what's the difference between those type of strings? do they have different sounds? Very interesting to know. In case will going to get banjo for my daughter, this articles is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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