Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dana in her Leopard matching outfit

We just receive a magazine which is the beautiful leopard is in the cover of the magazine. I forgot the name of that magazine but anyhow, when my daughter saw it, she said that she has a shirt and a pants that will match on that leopard magazine. She even have a matching headband too! She looks so adorable. She told me to take a photo of her and of course I would love too! very cute!

Kids with the big turtle...

This photo taken when we went to the Colorado Gators at Mosca last month of May! Look how big that turtle is! They have more turtles in the area and more Alligators too! Kids love it and they really  had fun! 

Brave Girl...

Look at her, you can tell right away that she loves animals. She is not scared touching and holding them. I don't like snakes. When we went to Philippines for vacation, I tried to fight my fear of snake and try to hold it at once just for picture but I am really scared on it. Just watching my little girl holding the snake, I thought to myself, "hmmm she is more braver than me". She knows that the snake is used to people and that the snake is so nice and won't bite her as well as the baby crocodile and the lizard and actually she told me that she wanted to work at the zoo to take care of all the animals and become a veterinary too! I am very proud of her!

dvd recorder

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Dana headstand tricks...

Dana did really well on her headstand tricks. She did pretty good! She had a good balance! I think last year gymnastic helps her balance a lot. So she keep practicing and now she is able to do a headstand! I like this photo a lot, it shows how athletic she is. She is very excited on her gymnastic class this summer and actually they just started it last Tuesday and today Thursday is their 2nd class. So will see how it goes. It doesn't matter if they learn it or not as long they had fun and its good for them to get their energy out while they are on it.

Dustin Clouds Fun Pics

Isn't this a great shot? I look up that clouds that time and I though hmmm maybe we can do a cloud fun pics. So Dustin, decided to do it and his sister will do the headstand tricks. First, he did blow the cloud and then he open his mouth to let the cloud in, then he was touching it and then the cloud tried to get the ball and he try to take the ball back and then he fall,,,The kids had a blast that time and I am  having fun taking photos of them.

Summer Fun...

This are one of my favorite pictures of the kids when they were playing at the trampoline. You can see how happy and excited they are in summer. Good thing we got a good weather this past couple months. We get 70-80 degrees so far. We had a cold spring though and two of our trees are not doing good this summer. So we plan to cut them out and replace a new one. So anyhow, this is what the kids doing every afternoon, fun time in the trampoline. Check out the latest photos of our clouds fun pics on my next post.

New update for the month...

It's been a while since I updated this blog. I got so busy because of the kids homeschooling and never get a chance to write a post here but now I am back. Kids are done at school. They are doing their gymnastic class for summer and were planning to go horse back riding this next couple weeks. I also try to keep the kids busy going out in service doing our ministry. Lot of plans this summer but we didn't get a chance to sit down and plan it ahead so will see what will happen for the kids summer before they start their school again. Kids are growing so fast. I'm glad their school are finish, they made it through their 2nd and 5th grade and they are ready for their 3rd and 6th grade!