Friday, February 23, 2018

Surprise Vacation for the kids - Disney World Florida!

The kids been wanting to go to Disney World so do I. My husband and I talked about it and of course we need to save money to do that. We really want to surprise the kids. This year we been planning to do it on April-May. Mike thought April-May is the best time to go to Florida. Last week, we told the kids that we are going vacation this April. They ask "Where?", So we look each other before we say "We are going to Disney World!". The kids were jumping for joy and clapping their hands, they are so happy and they give us a big hug and kiss! they say "I love you mommy and daddy! Thank you!". That was the best reaction ever! So yes, we are planning to go Disney World on April! We will started making reservations and doing our fast past end of February. So hoping that this vacation will be the best and big vacation we will ever have for this year! What a wonderful gift and surprise for the kids and for our family. Thank you to my dearest hubby for making this dream come true! Love you bebeeh! 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

As a Parent, How I feel about homeschool?

Well, I am not really against homeschooling my kids. Honestly, I love homeschool! The safety is the first thing that matters for my kids especially now that I hear a lot of bad news about school shooting. The world is very scary right now, you don't know what's going on inside and outside school. Lots of shooting news going on for this past year. Me and my husband wanted the best for our children, we talk about it as a couple and of course we let the kids make the choice either they wanted to go Public School or Homeschool? They choose homeschooling, so we agree with it. I am a full time mom and housewife so I have all my time to  my kids. My husband won't let me work because he wanted me to focus my time to our kids instead of letting other people watch them. I don't like the idea of taking my kids to day care and let stranger watch my kids. I know a lot of mother out there feel the same way. 

So I think homeschooling is the best choice we made. We choose Connections Academy because it was recommended to us and we like it. Its very organized and its easy for the kids to follow along and do their lessons. They really enjoy Live Lessons too. The teacher contact us once or twice a month to check the progress of the kids. We like the communication between our kids and their teacher. We give thumbs up for the whole Connections Academy teachers and staffs and for all the kids that using their program. My kids says, "I Love Homeschool!". So yes they love it and that is all that matters! 

How the kids feel about homeschooling...

My two kids Dana and Dustin been homeschooled for 2 years now. We used the Connection Academy and so far I never had trouble with them. The kids love it and they have pretty good schedule for their lessons. They finish 4-6 lessons a day, Monday to Friday. I like how organize their lessons are. Usually we started school at 9:00am - 3:00pm. Just a right amount of lessons for the kids to do and they still have time to play outside and do exercise in between their lessons. They also do their chores after their school, they help me clean the house and prepare dinner so it was good. They are very good kids!

For Dustin, he said that being homeschooled is nice because he don't have to worry about competing to his classmates, he don't feel too stress dealing with a lot of kids, he don't have to wake up early to go school, on winter, he doesn't have to worry on going out in the cold. He likes it because we do their lessons at the house so he feels very safe. The public school here, they have couple of lock downs so we're worried about it. Since I don't have work, I can spend all my time with them and help them for their school. They do pretty well on their lessons and I'm glad I don't have to force them to do their lessons every day. 

For Dana, she likes it because she is having trouble waking up in the morning. She doesn't like it when I wake her up 6:30am and drag her to school at 7:30, she ends up crying in the car and she doesn't like the public school. At first she likes it, she went to public school when she was KinderGarten and First Grade but on the Second Grade, she wanted to do homeschool. She had problem with bully at school. There was a young kid that always want to be with her and always ask her food at lunch time, that girl steal her toys too, so everyday she complains that she doesn't want to deal with that little girl anymore, that she wanted to stay home instead of going to school. I even tried to volunteer at school to keep an eye on her and watch her while I am helping the teacher. But you know if your kids having trouble going to school, we don't want to force them because they won't enjoy it anyway. 

So yes, we decided homeschooling and they started to like it. They like the freedom of doing their lessons on their own phase. I gave them one hour to finish one lessons so usually, they finish 2-3 lessons in the morning, they play outside or do their exercise before lunch, then they can start their afternoon lessons at 1-3pm. They have a close friend that always come to our house, she is the same age as my son and they are in the same class. So they enjoy that company a lot, they do school together and we do a lot of things with them too like taking the kids to sledding, ice skating, gymnastic class on summer or just a play time here in our backyard. We take the kids to vacation or going to the zoo for breaks and holidays so they won't feel that they miss something. I think next year they will continue doing homeschooling. Dustin will be on 7th Grade this  year and Dana will be in 4th Grade! So proud of them both!