Friday, February 23, 2018

Surprise Vacation for the kids - Disney World Florida!

The kids been wanting to go to Disney World so do I. My husband and I talked about it and of course we need to save money to do that. We really want to surprise the kids. This year we been planning to do it on April-May. Mike thought April-May is the best time to go to Florida. Last week, we told the kids that we are going vacation this April. They ask "Where?", So we look each other before we say "We are going to Disney World!". The kids were jumping for joy and clapping their hands, they are so happy and they give us a big hug and kiss! they say "I love you mommy and daddy! Thank you!". That was the best reaction ever! So yes, we are planning to go Disney World on April! We will started making reservations and doing our fast past end of February. So hoping that this vacation will be the best and big vacation we will ever have for this year! What a wonderful gift and surprise for the kids and for our family. Thank you to my dearest hubby for making this dream come true! Love you bebeeh! 

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